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Link Related to Canada in some say 'Ashamed, embarrassed': Burnaby woman says she was paid $150 to support Meng Wanzhou outside court
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Poster  N_Fiddledog
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Date  2020-01-22 01:10:39


  • N_Fiddledog: Story is also at the Toronto Star:

    "What am I protesting? What am I doing here? How one young woman says she got roped into protesting at the Meng Wanzhou trial" ... trial.html
  • CharlesAnthony: Meh. Distraction for the pretarded public. Crisis acting makes the world go round.

    In other news, the line-up to get the latest and bestest eyePhone is filled with paid stooges.

    As long as the audience has no idea what the HongKong terrorists are doing TODAY for money, then all is good in the empire and this Burnaby woman has done more than her job.
  • fifeboy: I would of held out for at least 250$
  • Strutz: Pretty ignorant to not question what it was all about.

    I wouldn't take part in any so-called "protest" for any amount of money.
  • N_Fiddledog: On the radio they said one kid was told he was going to be an extra in a music video.

    Huawei, of course, denies any involvement.

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