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Date  2020-02-25 11:53:12


  • CharlesAnthony: I wonder if any of this climate scientism takes arson into account. Anybody??

    Dr Sanderson agreed: "Rather than running one simulation that looks as close as possible to the real world, we need to start creating thousands of different versions of the future.

    "Those thousands of versions should span the full space of how bad this could be."
    Thousands??? That makes perfect sense!!
    Oh, I get it!
    3 strikes and they are still up to bat!
    3rd time is not a charm!

    Bushfires in south-east Australia have left 33 people dead and burned an area of land the size of South Korea. Wow! We are so lucky to have Victoria Gill, Science correspondent, BBC News tell us this crucial fact in the 3rd sentence+paragraph of the article!
  • N_Fiddledog: Australian fires: Climate "truth bomb"?

    So, what was the direct cause of the 2019 drought and firestorms?

    Finally, what was the probable cause of the conditions that led to the 2019 drought and fire storms? Do we have to invoke anthropogenic CO2 as has been widely done, or is there a more parsimonious explanation?

    In fact, conditions were ripe for a catastrophic fire season in 2019. The strong Nino of 2016 and the weaker event of 2019 had created a significant rainfall deficit: in 2018, rainfall over southeastern Australian mainland was in the lowest 10% of historical observations, particularly from April onwards. New South Wales was deep in drought by August 2018 and remained so until May 2019, when more than half of Queensland was also declared to be in drought. The BoM declared the drought to be worse than the Federation Drought, the WWII drought and the Millennium drought, but presented no evidence for that doubtful statement.

    But that may not have been the most important factor in the fires. Fire reduction burning had been done in only 1% of the Victoria woodlands when at least 10% was required, according to the foresters, and previously agreed to by government. But the expert advisory committee described the governments reaction to their advice as "a farce, conveniently ambiguous and deceptive to the point of arrogance". Consequently, there were dangerous fuel loads in in Victorian bush-lands and the members of the forest fire advisory group accused the Victoria government "of tacitly neglecting its commitments to fuel reduction to appease the green lobby".

    If you want to see the resultant conditions for yourself, take a drive on Google Earth up any small road in the hills of NSW or will see scorched trees, a thick layer of dead leaves and abundant underbush.

    Given the rainfall deficit together with such conditions in the bushlands, accidents are inevitable and, together with the propensity of some people to arson, one needs to look no further for the cause of the unstoppable fires. Today, as I write this, the BBC is reporting that a volunteer firefighter of 19 has been arrested for seven counts of alleged arson in an area south of Sydney, NSW. And another arsonist finds himself charged with manslaughter.

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    So there is really no need to complicate things by the insertion of CO2 forcing into this rather sad story - which William of Occam suggested we shouldn't do unless it was really essential." ... ruth-bomb/

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