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Link Related to Canada in some say Calgarians shocked by spiking electricity bills in wake of cold snap, UCP rate cap lift
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Category  Provincial Politics
Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2020-02-26 06:51:42


  • DrCaleb: In accordance with .
  • CharlesAnthony: As long as Calgarians are convinced that they should be paying for electricity, all is going as planned.
  • Prof_Chomsky: 8.4 cents per kWh? Oh the horror...
    Seems whenever Alberta gets a taste of the real world in terms of the price of services, goods, and taxes, the crying ensues.
  • FieryVulpine: Is it comparable to the rate spike that Ontarians suffered when the McGunity/Wynne Liberals enacted their green energy scam?
  • herbie: Man Discovers When He Eats Beans, He Farts More!
    - Joe Obvious 2020 National Post

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