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Link Related to Canada in some say Three US Navy aircraft carriers are patrolling the Pacific Ocean at the same time. And China's not happy
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Date  2020-06-15 16:32:44


  • CDN_PATRIOT: The link doesn't work. Bad robot! BAD!

  • Thanos: Yeah, well too fucking bad for China. Ought to drop some concentrated bio-weaponized herpes on them in exchange for what they did to the rest of us with COVID. And they're more than welcome to send out that so-called "fleet" they have to see what happens when they tussle with a real navy. :evil:
  • xerxes: Might have to send those carriers into the Indian Ocean soon. China killed 20+ Indian soldiers yesterday in the first border skirmish in decades.
  • bootlegga: Too bad for China, the ocean is open to everyone, whether or not they like it.

    I wonder if one of our Halifaxes is operating with one of those task forces - the RCN routinely deploys a frigate with US carrier task forces.

    It's been a while, but I remember seeing HMCS Regina in Yoksouka Harbour because it was operating with a US carrier group.
  • Freakinoldguy: "CDN_PATRIOT" said
    The link doesn't work. Bad robot! BAD!


    It worked originally so I don't know what CNN did to it this time. But here ya go. ... 20releases.

    And for the record the US Navy has traditionally operated with at least 3 carriers in the Pacific. People forget they have 11 large fleet carriers which means they have to put them somewhere and where better than the Pacific to remind the Red Chinese that they don't own the ocean.

    The USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Theodore Roosevelt are both patrolling in the western Pacific, while the USS Nimitz is in the east, according to US Navy press releases. With each vessel containing more than 60 aircraft, it represents the biggest deployment of US aircraft carriers in the Pacific since 2017 -- when tensions with North Korea over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program were at their peak.

    But for a laugh we have a rebuttal from a Chinese lackey who rather than admit that the US could destroy the PRAN in a showdown claims this is nothing more than a show of vanity.

    So, given the response it's quite apparent vain or not this deployment is getting the message across.

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