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Link Related to Canada in some say BMW to make owners pay for features like heated seats via subscription
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2020-07-03 10:42:18


  • DrCaleb: I had no idea they could come up with a way for me to not want their product even harder!

    Mercedes: "Our cars have the reputation for massive depreciation.:

    BMW: "Halte mein Bier"
  • Thanos: Being able to pay more for the sake of trivial or putrid vanities is the sign of a superior person, or so I've been told my entire life by this mentally-ill atrocity of a society I live in. If they aren't better than everyone else then why did Jesus' Dad bless them with so much money and so many toys? Therefore BMW are more than encouraged to pay double via subscription for something that used to be included in the final sale price. Fuck them, fuck their money, fuck their shallowness of character, and I hope anyone who can afford a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or any other hyper-pretentious phallus-mobile gets COVID and dies puking up their lungs. :lol:
  • herbie: Sort of like that fancy sat radio that was 'free' with my car? For a year then they wanted triple Netflix' fee to listen to 100 channels of 3 hour loops...
    the there's the ppl like me with enough Scot blood to have to fight like hell to overcome the 'just get what you NEED...' cursing that I cheaped out and didn't get remote locks and windows, bluetooth.... stalling buying a new 3400G and B450 board for 6 months because the old 2009 Athlon "still works"....
    BMW can bite my crank
  • Tricks: If you think a 2009 Athlon "still works" you don't use your computer :lol: I'd kill both myself and my computer within 30 minutes of using that.
  • bootlegga: Anyone who buys a luxury car is financially illiterate, because they cost a bloody fortune to repair and maintain and still depreciate like every other car out there.

    People buy these things for braggings rights and it's why so many people live pay cheque to pay cheque.

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