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Poster  Robair
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Date  2020-07-21 07:37:21


  • Robair: May be time to shut the country back down. It seems too many of my fellow Canadians are too stupid to be trusted with eased restrictions.
    More than 60 people infected from the Kelowna incident. A woman from Edmonton had symptoms, got tested, didn't have her results back yet but didn't want to miss a gathering in Kelowna.

    That should be a lawsuit in my opinion.
  • llama66: Yeah, I agree. It's going to fucking suck. Hard. But, we as a species are too stupid to be trusted to act in our own best interest.

    I have a good friend who want's to go on vacation in BC in August and wanted me to come along, I basically told him he was insane.
  • DrCaleb: I forget who wrote it, but I remember the razor: "The total intelligence of the population remains the same, even though the population is increasing."
  • herbie: That's about it, isn't it?

    Not one mask whiner has considered a face shield instead. And the usual 'asthma' song and dance - well, shit... the wife's got that. Uses an inhaler a couple times a month and no proof a mask triggers it. Most likely it would keep the pollen, dog dander and cat hair out and prevent attacks.
    But common sense has disappeared, heard people claiming masks keep germs in and you could give yourself Covid..... like honest to God that would mean you already had it and the mask keeping it in is exactly what it's for.
  • llama66: I don't like my mask because all I smell is my Coffee breath at work (mints.. I need mints..) but I still wear the thing because I want to be considerate of others.

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