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U.S. agency: Pandemic masks thwarting face recognition tech | CTV News
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Category  Tech
Poster  Robair
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Date  2020-07-29 06:53:15


  • Robair: What's a tinfoil conspiracy theorist to do? Can't wear a mask, it's a big conspiracy to subvert individual will or something. But if you DO wear a mask, the government has a harder time identifying / tracking you...
  • DrCaleb: Good.

    Don't fucking track me, save your money and effort.
  • BartSimpson: Funny, I saw this coming months ago with people being ordered to wear masks and then the police eventually bitching that they can't ID people because they're all wearing masks! :lol:
  • Zipperfish: They won't need masks because of the secret ID nanochip in the "vaccine." lol
  • herbie: Crying shame the vaccine will be delayed as the nanochips were made in China to save Homeland Security billions of dollars! Elon & Bill Gates chip factory at Area51 won't be up and running until Mexican workers are allowed back into the USA

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