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Link Related to Canada in some say Feds write cheque for $320M to support workers, lower emissions for N.L.'s struggling offshore
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Poster  Freakinoldguy
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Date  2020-09-26 23:04:04


  • Freakinoldguy: Nice to see Trudeau is finally helping some oil workers, it's just to bad that the evil people of Alberta didn't vote for him because that seems to be the benchmark for who in the industry gets his federal assistance.

    Although he did claim that remediating orphaned oil wells would put 5200 people back to work as environmental janitors for the gov't. Sadly that's still a far cry for how many people in Alberta have lost their jobs because of his gov'ts policies. And we have to remember the ones below were before the gift from the Red Chinese so god only knows how many others in Alberta and Sask have now had to go on the dole and are waiting in vain for the same gov't largess as the NFLD workers.

    Another figure to look at is the number of people collecting employment insurance. In December 2014, 31,220 Albertans were collecting benefits. In April 2016, the most recent month data was available, there were 67,900, a difference of around 35,000. Some of those people collecting EI would have run out of benefits, or found work, or moved to another province. ... -1.3665250
  • uwish: only reason he is helping NL is because they traditionally vote Liberal.

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