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Link Related to Canada in some say B.C. mayor asked to resign over Facebook post condemned as racist
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Category  Political
Poster  Strutz
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Date  2021-02-20 19:53:14


  • Strutz: People in positions such as this really need to think about what they post on social media.
  • Thanos: At least two of the photos looked far more like they came from the Rust Belt or some scabby town in the southern states than from any Native reserve. :|
  • Scape: I would like her to post why this was a bad idea and then resign. No private citizen who would be employed by ANY private company that has ANY policy at all in place in regards to social media would have ground to dismiss, why is this any different?
  • Winnipegger: Thanos: this does look like a reserve. My job has me fly to reserves in northern Manitoba, and northwestern Ontario. Yes, they look like that. Furthermore, I volunteered all day every Friday at the Aboriginal Centre in Winnipeg from July 2010 through December 2019. Aboriginal people told me stories.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: She's a mayor, and yet can't seem to use an apostrophe properly? She should resign just for brutalizing the English language.


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