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Link Related to Canada in some say Did you see it' Alberta's northern sky lit up by meteor Monday morning
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Date  2021-02-22 07:24:03


  • DrCaleb: I totally saw this. I was watching the news having a cuppa, when it looked like someone was flashing their high beams in my front room window. Which is impossible.

    Security cams got a look too. Cool!
  • Strutz: Cool thing to witness!
  • DrCaleb: I've seen many meteorites. You just have to go out during the main meteor shower events, and there are plenty.

    The coolest are the ones you can see and hear too! Which, when you think about it is impossible. But you can!
  • Strutz: Thanks to the University of Alberta's fireball monitoring network, scientists are now able to say that bright streak was a small piece of a comet that burned up in Earth's atmosphere.

    According to the U of A's Faculty of Science, Western Canada's most advanced fireball monitoring network also helped in determining the trajectory and velocity of the meteor, as well as its origin.

    “This chunk was largely made of dust and ice, burning up immediately without leaving anything to find on the ground, but instead giving us a spectacular flash,” Patrick Hill, from U of A's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, said in a news release. ... -1.5324232

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