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Date  2021-02-26 13:02:58


  • llama66: But I thought the UCP was going to return sanity to the books and undo the wild spending of the arch-socialist Notley.
  • raydan: "llama66" said
    But I thought the UCP was going to return sanity to the books and undo the wild spending of the arch-socialist Notley.

    You obviously have no idea how politics work. :wink:
  • Thanos: The fun part was watching some of the hardcores squirm when the message was "no new taxes now" instead of the usual "no new taxes ever". A revenue crisis can't be put off forever, not when the other provinces all have sales taxes and haven't experienced the same catastrophe that Alberta has. If anything the twin demons of the oil collapse and COVID have succeeded in accomplishing one good, and that's in forever disgracing the nonsensical conservative boilerplate that minor to moderate tax increases would be an economy-killer.

    Going against the grain is cool and edgy and quasi-rebellious in a fun way. Perpetually swimming against the tide though? That only gets someone killed because the tide always wins eventually, even against the strongest swimmers. I doubt Kenney will cave in any time soon, not with the real radicals in the UCP now openly mouthing off and dissenting on a more frequent basis as the heap of their governmental failures grows higher every day. A year from now though? Anything can happen, and is probably long overdue to happen anyway. Keep it up much longer though with an economic plan that's just some warmed-up crap from the 1990's and this province will be a permanent casualty of a worthless ideology.
  • bootlegga:

    As the image above shows, we could increase taxes by $7 billion per year and still be the lowest tax province in the country by a huge margin.

    Imagine if we had the same taxes as those Marxist-Leninists in Saskatchewan - our deficit would be $3 billion, not $18 billion.

    Things that makes you go hmmm....
  • Thanos: I'd like to believe that any sales tax revenue would be equally split between program services and debt reduction. Under today's sort of conservative management though it would be far more likely put towards opening another coal mine or building another pipeline to nowhere again. :|

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