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Link Related to Canada in some say Mannequin-breast beer taps: Enderby pub owner defends her new draught taps amid online controversy
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Poster  Strutz
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Date  2021-05-15 20:34:44


  • Strutz: I bet the company that made them are going to suddenly get more orders with this "exposure".

  • raydan: Not exactly the story I was expecting... I think I've been here for too long. 8O
  • Strutz: I thought you'd like this one raydan.
  • JaredMilne: So women choose to celebrate their female forms of their own free will and they get shamed for it.

    This is just like the Hindu Indians I've chatted with online who recounted how white activists told them to shut up because they weren't the "most oppressed" group, or the white activists who accused a black conservative Christian writer of engaging in "anti-black behaviour" because he criticized BLM and similar activists. Or that Jessica Krug lady who passed herself off as Hispanic and berated a black guy she dated on Tinder for having friends from multiple races while railing against "vendidos" and had to expose herself as a white woman pretending to be Latina before some actual POC academics exposed her.

    One of the more understated problems of social justice is how some of its radical activists don't just attack opponents you'd expect them to (e.g. Neo-Nazi movement) but also actual black, Indigenous and people of colour from the very communities they claim to defend who don't "stick to the script". In some of the worst cases, you have white "allies" using the No True Scotsman fallacy to attack and divide the very communities they say they're helping.
  • fifeboy: Seems to me that breasts, as a focus of sexual attraction, are an artifact of modern society. They provide nurishment, these provided beer :)
    Big Deal

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