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Coronavirus: Tokyo doctors call for cancellation of Olympic Games
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Category  Sports
Poster  Strutz
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Date  2021-05-18 10:51:56


  • Strutz: Based on the situation in Japan right now they should scrap it for another year. Out-of-country spectators were not going to be allowed anyway. I'm sure the situation will be better next summer.
  • DrCaleb: And it will give athletes a chance to use things like Gyms and Arenas to get back in shape.
  • llama66: While we are at it, we should skip the Beijing Olympics... for health reasons.
  • Zipperfish: I got no time for the Olympics. Bunch of rich people who have the resources to dedicate their lives to "amateur" sports. The IOC is corrupt as fuck. Don't get me wrong, every Olympics there's a few genuinely heartwarming moments, but it ain't worth all the grift and pomp.
  • xerxes: And the 2022 World Cup in Qatar for good measure too.

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