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Link Related to Canada in some say Swallows destroyed in their nesting boxes as vandalism escalates
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Poster  Strutz
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Date  2021-05-18 11:10:39


  • Strutz: I hope they catch the asshole(s) responsible for this. How barbaric and awful.
  • DrCaleb: Why would you hurt such an inoffensive animal?
  • Strutz: When I was living on the central coast for a few years swallows were fantastic to see as they zipped around eating the nasty horseflies.
  • Zipperfish: Well the swallows are protected as migratory birds, and I believe are also listed under the Species at Risk Act, so this person may be in for some heft legal fines if caught. Apparently, Nature Trust, which owns the area, stopped allowing dogs in the area and somebody is freaking out and taking it out on the birds. Dick move.
  • PluggyRug: Two Fox Kits found dead.

    Last year, advocates went to the extent of setting up fencing and sending bylaw officers to patrol the area where the foxes were living to try and keep people and their pets away from the trio, but volunteers were repeatedly harassed and threatened which escalated this year to the vandalism of the camera and even the nearby home of a volunteer.

    The death of the pups is currently being investigated, and TWC will be posting an update as soon as they know any additional information. ... lk-killed/

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