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Link Related to Canada in some say Pickup trucks are a plague on Canadian streets
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Date  2021-07-28 08:57:10


  • DrCaleb: Nope.

    Bad drivers are a plague.
  • Thanos: Yeah, it's bullshit. Trucks are merely more noticeable. The real jerks and dangerous pricks are the ones in the high-end Audis & BMWs and such. Same as it ever was, really. Sport engine still equals incredibly small brain + really selfish attitude.
  • DrCaleb: And kids with trucks, or those type A's with the jacked up Cowboy Cadillac who drive aggressively.

    Kind of too bad there aren't many facts in the opinion piece.
  • Thanos: The vast majority of truck drivers aren't like that though. But the vast majority of Audi and BMW drivers certainly are. And far too many van drivers too, especially Dodge van drivers who I still maintain are the absolute most obnoxious tailgaters out of all the vehicles out there.

    I wouldn't have a truck right now for only one reason, and that's the price of fuel. Spending $145-plus every ten days to fill up a 100 litre tank is far too cost prohibitive. And it looks highly unlikely we'll ever see fuel down around $1.00 per litre ever again in this country, including in Alberta. Yes, the trucks aren't meant for daily city driving on dry roads. It's not my decision though on what someone else can or cannot buy for a vehicle. Or anyone else's decision to make for others, especially some Toronto-based 'riter donkey who thinks his adventures there equal what's right for the entire country.
  • bootlegga: Frankly, I'm surprised it took someone so long to come out and say this - I mentioned the very same thing to Gunnair way back in the day.

    This is the problem:

    This isn't:

    Trucks definitely have their purposes, for tradespeople, for towing/hauling, but far too many trucks are really just huge SUVs that owners drive to work and park, then drive home again, often all by themselves.

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