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Link Related to Canada in some say ‘Be ready for Aug. 8’: some senior Liberals expect to kick off federal election campaign in a week
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Date  2021-08-01 22:05:42


  • Scape: Justin Trudeau is a Dirty Rotten Liar

    My blood boils that this SOB is going to get away with this. The NDP has bent over backwards to keep the house running while we are in a pandemic. Now that the liberals haven't been given absolutely everything they are now in a very strong position to demand 4 more years as a majority. Sickening.
  • DrCaleb: Why? Politicians lie. Politicians lying about politicians seems like the logical progression.

    Trudeau will do what he sees is best for him, and blaming the NDP for him calling an election (his constitutional right) in order to reduce their popularity when his polling is highest, and the conservatives are at the lowest, seems like the logical move.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: Justin Trudeau is past his best before date, and everyone but his supporters know it. He's been in office long enough now that any Canadian with a brain knows it's time for a change. As I've said before, what we need is a Conservative government. The last thing this country needs right now is a majority government of any political stripe.

    Putting the next PM on a short leash is the ONLY option. I strongly believe we are headed for either another Liberal minority, or a small Conservative minority. The NDP may or may not kick around as the opposition, but I also believe that Blanchet will lose some seats due to him supporting C-10, and we might just see them go Conservative for a change. Quebecers are very fickle and can turn on a dime it seems.

    As for JT blaming the NDP for an election, I don't think that will fly. Everyone knows he alone has been pining for an election when all the other parties didn't want one, especially during a pandemic. Blaming everyone else just makes him look more stupid than he already is.

    JT has alienated himself from most Canadians, save his brainwashed minions that would happily follow him off the cliff. Everyone owes it to the future of Canada to send him packing.

  • llama66: O'Tool is not the man, however.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: "llama66" said
    O'Toole is not the man, however.

    Perhaps, but anything is better than Trudeau right now (excluding Singh).


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