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Texas 6-week abortion ban takes effect, with U.S. top court yet to act on emergency appeal
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2021-09-01 06:30:43


  • Scape: Texas taliban ftw, Ya'llqueada!
  • raydan:
  • Thanos: This is good. Now the conservative pro-lifers can concentrate on other things like expanding the death penalty to more crimes and getting rid of school lunch programs for poor kids and nuking every single vaccination for everyone. Let 'er rip, MAGAs!
  • xerxes: This is yet another example of how voting republican can literally, affect your quality of life in a negative way. The GOP is a death cult and the more lives they can sacrifice on the altar of Moloch, they happier they are. From banning measures that keep people safe from COVID, the rejecting Medicaid and EI benefits expansions, the GOP is waging war against its own citizens. And yet the hens keep voting for the fox.
  • Thanos: "Jesus loves all the babies but you're a goddamn communist if you want the government to spend any money to give them a good quality of life after they're born". I don't even want to think about the sort of religious and ideological gymnastics someone would have to torture their own brain with to genuinely believe that way of thinking has any sort of basic or Christian morality in it. :|

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