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Date  2021-10-12 07:39:15


  • DrCaleb: Don't drink the tap water, Iqaluit mayor tells residents

    City staff found evidence of fuel contamination in the city's water supply

    A state of emergency has been declared in Iqaluit after city staff found evidence of fuel contamination in the city's treated water supply. The water is unsafe to drink, even if filtered or boiled, according to the municipality.

    In an interview with Nunatsiaq News Tuesday, Mayor Kenny Bell said every part of town was affected, whether water is delivered by pipes or by trucks.

    "It's everything. Any treated water," he told the paper.

    The city has more than 7,000 residents, all of whom will now need access to alternative sources of water.

    Tap water can still be used for laundry, cleaning and showers, the Nunavut health department said in a news release, but it should not be used for bathing by pregnant women, or newborns and infants, and it should not be used to mix infant formula.

    "We suspect there is some type of petroleum product that has entered the water system," chief administrative officer Amy Elgersma told council Tuesday evening.

    She said staff had located "concentrated odours" in the water treatment plant. It's sent samples for testing and expects results in five business days.

    The advisory not to drink the water was issued because this is a situation where boiling the water will not make it safe, Elgersma said. ... -1.6208466
  • DrCaleb: Iqaliut has a single reservoir for city water. If it's contaminated, the entire reservior is useless. And this time of year, the river should be freezing. No one wants there to be a water crisis right before winter. :(
  • Zipperfish: Yeah, shitty timing. Pure speculation, but the diesel storage systems at a lot of these remote communities are often pretty decrepit. ON top of the water issue, they could be looking at a massive amount of contaminated soil, if you have an old bulk storage system that's been leaking for a long time.
  • DrCaleb: Yea, if there were pumps uphill from the reservior, they are truly frelled.
  • llama66: Lies, there is nothing wrong with the water. The Government just wants to control us.

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