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Julian Assange can be extradited to the US, court rules
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Date  2021-12-10 06:05:35


  • DrCaleb:
  • Thanos: Good. A life sentence in a Supermax penitentiary is exactly what that miserable Russian spy deserves, no matter how much his internet cultist followers whine about it.
  • DrCaleb: Yea, we love it when whistleblowers are jailed on made up charges, especially the Russian asset one.
  • Thanos: That's exactly what Assange is, a Russian asset. He's this generation's Julius Rosenberg or Alger Hiss - a blatantly obvious enemy agent who inexplicably & unfathomably received the thoughtless love & acclaim of our hipster pseudo-intelligentsia and of the sicko internet culture. And it's an adoration that still lingers, despite all of his previous friends & cohorts separating themselves from him as much as they could to get away from his mania. Chalk this one down to some demented quasi-suicidal mental defect that exists deep in the Western psyche, one that occasionally rises to the fore whenever a bizzaro-world figure like Assange, Snowden, or Trump takes center stage.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: Excellent. About time that coward got what he deserved.


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