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MI5 warning over 'Chinese agent' in Parliament
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Date  2022-01-14 10:19:08


  • DrCaleb:
  • bootlegga: If you get a chance, red Willful Blindness by Sam Cooper: ... 0888903014

    It highlights all sorts of money laundering, drug smuggling and influence peddling issues perpetrated by what looks like a network of Triad members and the Chinese government.
  • Thanos: Given how many jobs & industries were taken out of North America and sent to China over the last few decades I'm assuming that both the US & Canadian governments have had far too many pro-China supporters (if not outright paid-off operatives) in their ranks for at least the last thirty or forty years. Like, why is this a concern now when for most of our lives the big shots told us it was "best for business" and that we just had to sit back and take it? :|

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