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Link Related to Canada in some say Canada's Trudeau announces plan for national freeze on handguns | Reuters
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Date  2022-05-30 16:19:30


  • Scape: Handgun freeze in Canada and five-round limit on magazines
  • Scape: ... WL&index=3

    And a buy back program.
  • DrCaleb: Security theatre.

    No one is safer, and law abiding citizens are punished for following the law.
  • herbie: Gotta ask -
    Just how are they being punished?
    If they have a handgun, they can still keep it. Were law abiding car owners punished because they can't buy a new DeSoto?
  • DrCaleb: "herbie" said
    Gotta ask -
    Just how are they being punished?

    Like ARs, if you can't buy, sell, trade or otherwise make use of the dollars you have in these assets, the value of a handgun has dropped to zero dollars. All the training, all the security checks, all the compliance with law, and your assets are devalued and being confiscated for possibly cents on the dollar.

    And to top it off, the RCMP have never released the statistics they keep on handgun or long gun use in crimes, so there is effectively no way to tell if a handgun ban is effective.

    So law abiding people are punished, and people intent on crime are only slightly worse off. Like Beau said in one of his videos, if the punishment is the same for each, but the profit on a full auto gun or rifle is more, which will criminals traffic in? Bans only create a black market, and drive up the black market price.

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