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North Carolina: FBI investigates gun attack on Moore County power grid
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Date  2022-12-05 15:58:45


  • Scape: TDPS: North Carolina County Power Outage Could Last for Days

    It appears this was all over a drag show. Team MAGA shot up 2 substations and put the entire county in a blackout for days as a result. As Beau stated, when people die from this (and the majority are seniors) they could be going for the death penalty.
  • DrCaleb: For a drag show. Someone needs to review their life choices.
  • DrCaleb:
  • Scape:
  • xerxes: I saw earlier that the FBI is getting involved which is good, because this is goddamn terrorism. The worst part is now this is an example to all the others out there of what a soft target power stations can be. Hopefully, there aren't any copycat attacks. And hopefully, the feds come down when they catch the Neanderthals responsible.

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