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Link Related to Canada in some say Gloria Taylor, the plaintiff in right-to-die case, passes away from infection
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Date  2012-10-05 17:04:32


  • Brenda: Ughhhh, can someone please edit the title (or explain how to do it myself?)

    Thanks and sorry :(
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  • CanadianJeff: I'll never understand those who feel they should have the right to control how another human being faces life and death outside of people who protest it due to religion.

    Thank you Ms. Taylor for fighting so hard to protect the freedom of people to make their own personal choices about their own lives.

    The discussion should never be about IF euthanasia is legal or not but rather what we can do to ensure every case of euthanasia is handled professionally and without corruption or possible mistakes.

    Very glad I'll likely be in the generation of people who will have the choice to decide when to confront the end of their own lives.

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