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Submit News to CKA News Justice In Chains. Jessica Ernst And Slick Water

Jessica Ernst is fighting against Encana Corporation and the Alberta (energy) Regulator for huge alleged violations of law and duty.  Andrew Nikiforuk catches the mood - and details - of the contest as well as the impaired state of justice in Canada.  Read his new book: Slick Water.

Submit News to CKA News The Enemies of Democracy in Canada

The move from 'Progressive Conservatism' in Canada to 'Far Right Reaction' threatens democracy as Canadians know and live it.  The support by much of Canada's major media for the Far Right is a disturbing factor.

Submit News to CKA News Harper Is Only Making Things Worse For Pipelines

Pipelines are a major political issue in Canada. Getting oil to market is seen as critical to Alberta’s economy. They are a high priority for Stephen Harper’s government, so why has there been so little progress on pipelines?

Submit News to CKA News Defeated ... But Not Gone

Stephen Harper's forces have been routed by a majority Liberal win.  But Stephen Harper.  Expect him to use every tactic (legitimate and illegitimate) to return to power.

Submit News to CKA News ... After Sleep ...

The story of Canadian democracy throwing off a move to Despotism is as reassuring as it is puzzling....

Submit News to CKA News The Canadian Election. A Global Context. And “Sheer Corruption”.

Opposition Parties are talking about many things in the present Canadian election.  But not about "sheer corruption".  Henry Mintzberg (McGill University) introduced the phrase...only to run away from it.

Submit News to CKA News An Unconditional Apology...AND Additional Comment

In my last coumn I wrongly reported Green Party attention to the bad (FIPA) economic treaty with China. Here I apologize for that error, and I underscore the major (actively avoided) issue in this national election.

Submit News to CKA News Why Are The Oppositon Parties Handing The Election To The Harper Conservatives?

The key issue in Canada is Stephen Harper's on-going attack on law, ethics, justice, human rights, and democracy.  Why do the Opposition Parties ignore that key issue?

Submit News to CKA News “The Mike Duffy Trial”. Is It A Gigantic Fraud From Start To Finish?

Many factors point to a "Cooked-Up" trial, a massive, fake show.  Is it so ...?  And, if so, WHY?

Submit News to CKA News We Should Admire Compromise And The Mushy Middle

In commentaries about politics, the idea of the “mushy middle” is often used as an insult. It’s depicted as a weakness, as the person who straddles it is unable to decide on a firm set of beliefs, or who tries to please everyone instead of taking a strong stand. Similarly, compromise is seen as a sign of weakness, and an inability to defeat the enemy. People who stick with their ideologies and their principles are seen as strong leaders, compared to the weak and indecisive compromisers.