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Submit News to CKA News The New Global Battle For
The erasure of "Left" and "Right" in our world has created a new global form of struggle to liberate "democracies" into power.
Submit News to CKA News British Columbia. The Province Without A Parliamentary Opposition Party
Reporting on an Opposition Party in the B.C. Legislature is the result of an Optical Illusion. No Opposition Party has been present for more than a decade.
Submit News to CKA News Canada: The Colonial Curse. Part One
"Culture" which seems 'out there' is, in fact, the voice of the community.And so - in a colony - it has to be controlled. That's why, in Canada, "Culture" is the canary in the coal mine of our colonial life.
Submit News to CKA News Now ... Let Us All Savage Mike Duffy
Mike Duffy may well be poster-boy for Conservative misdeeds from 2006 to 2015. His 'limelight' trial - just winding up - looks about as fake as a trial can look.
Submit News to CKA News Where Power Really Lies In Climate Change
In all the brouhaha from the Paris Environmental negotiations, the main issue was avoided ....
Submit News to CKA News Keeping The Support Of Old Voters While Winning New Ones

It’s been about a month since the federal election that made Justin Trudeau prime minister. The election results illustrate both sides of the challenge that political parties face at election control-the need to motivate the party’s base, while also getting undecided “swing” voters to support them.

Submit News to CKA News How Do We Protect The Rights And Lives Of All Canadians?

The issues of women wearing the niqab at citizenship ceremonies became a heated issue in the recent federal election. Some critics say that the niqab is a symbol of female oppression and has nothing to do with Islam. Some of the women who want to publicly wear the niqab, such as Zunera Ishaq and Aysha Luqman-Pandor, say that they choose to wear the niqab as a personal expression of their identity and devotion to the Muslim faith.

Submit News to CKA News Justice In Chains. Jessica Ernst And Slick Water

Jessica Ernst is fighting against Encana Corporation and the Alberta (energy) Regulator for huge alleged violations of law and duty.  Andrew Nikiforuk catches the mood - and details - of the contest as well as the impaired state of justice in Canada.  Read his new book: Slick Water.

Submit News to CKA News The Enemies of Democracy in Canada

The move from 'Progressive Conservatism' in Canada to 'Far Right Reaction' threatens democracy as Canadians know and live it.  The support by much of Canada's major media for the Far Right is a disturbing factor.

Submit News to CKA News Harper Is Only Making Things Worse For Pipelines

Pipelines are a major political issue in Canada. Getting oil to market is seen as critical to Alberta’s economy. They are a high priority for Stephen Harper’s government, so why has there been so little progress on pipelines?