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Submit News to CKA News Alberta's Has Complicated Political History
Now that the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose Alliance parties have voted overwhelmingly to merge into what’s being called the United Conservative Party (UCP), it’s worth looking back at the history of Alberta conservatism and how the new UCP might fit into it.
Submit News to CKA News Reflections On Canada Day: What Does It Mean To Be Canadian?
I'm writing this on the morning of Canada Day 2017, Canada's 150th anniversary, thinking about all the fascinating things I've read and the people I've met. One thing that I've come across is how much time and effort we as Canadians spend trying to define exactly what being Canadian means.
Submit News to CKA News A Look Back: Parallels In Canadian And St. Albert History
Canada Day, particularly its 150th anniversary, is an ideal time to consider how Canada has developed, and what the future holds for our country. Curiously enough, it is also an ideal time to consider how St. Albert has developed, and what the future holds for our city.
Submit News to CKA News How Do Political Parties Catch Fire?
One of the most prominent debates in Alberta politics right now is the proposal to merge the Wildrose Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives to form a new party to take on the governing NDP in the next election.
Submit News to CKA News Alberta Political History Doesn't Bode Well For Alberta Liberals, PCs
St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse’s sudden decision to drop out of the Alberta Liberal leadership race was surprising. However, what may not have been so surprising was that he was the only declared candidate for the leadership until he dropped out. Finally, on the deadline of March 31, two last-minute candidates signed up, sparing the Liberals the indignity of a leadership race where no one showed up.
Submit News to CKA News People Need To Feel Heard
I’ve heard a lot of different predictions about what will happen in this year’s St. Albert election. One person suggested to me that either the people who support the ‘status quo’ of spending on City projects, or the people who support cutting back on different kinds of spending, will win a majority on Council. Another person predicted that all the incumbent members of Council would be removed.
Submit News to CKA News We Must Listen To Concerns About Shared Values
During the federal Conservative leadership race, Kellie Leitch has gotten more attention than most candidates, due in large part to her proposal to screen new immigrants for “Canadian values”. The proposal has gotten Leitch a lot of support, but it’s also gotten her a lot of criticism from people who say that the proposal is racist. White ethnic nationalists have even latched onto Leitch’s campaign, in much the same way as their American counterparts have to President Donald Trump. Since then, Leitch has denied that her campaign is based on ethnic nationalism. Instead, she says, it is based on civic values. Her campaign website indicates that the “Canadian values” she promotes include gender equality, freedom of religion, freedom and tolerance.
Submit News to CKA News There Is No Single Elite In Canada Or The U.S.
The election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. President is said to be a backlash by Americans, many of whom live in the “flyover country” of the central states, against an elite that lives in the coastal states. This elite, who supported Hillary Clinton, supposedly sees Americans in flyover country as stupid and bigoted, and doesn’t care about their problems. Voting for Trump was flyover country’s retaliation against the elite.
Submit News to CKA News St. Albert Healing Garden Is Necessary
The St. Albert Healing Garden, meant to be a way of recognizing the abuse and torment that Indigenous survivors of the residential school system endured, has had a rough ride lately. The committee overseeing the Garden ended up having to come back to City Council for more funding after geotechnical reports showed that new pilings would be needed for the construction, because of the high water tables. Council balked at the increased cost, and asked the committee to try to find another site. Residential school survivors working with the committee described the incident as a ‘slap in the face’. Meanwhile, some residents are questioning the amount of money we’re spending on the Garden and whether the Garden is even necessary.
Submit News to CKA News Trump And Ford Appeal To The Disenfranchised
Donald Trump’s candidacy for the U.S. presidency has attracted a lot of scorn for many of Trump’s supporters. Kevin Williamson and David French wrote contemptuously in the National Review about how the working-class Americans supporting Trump had no one to blame but themselves for their problems. They failed themselves, and they should have known better.

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