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Submit News to CKA News Beyak Full Of It On Residential Schools
Last month, Senator Lynn Beyak harshly criticized the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) on the impacts of the residential schools on Indigenous people in Canada. Senator Beyak said that the benevolent intentions, good deeds and positive stories were unacknowledged by the TRC’s findings.
Submit News to CKA News The Rise Of Legacy Politicians
What do Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Doug Ford, Christine Elliott and Rachel Notley all have in common? They are the children, siblings or spouses of prominent politicians who have followed in their parents’, siblings’ or spouses’ footsteps in running for office. These “legacy” politicians are increasingly prominent in Canadian and American politics, oftentimes benefiting from their family connections.
Submit News to CKA News Thoughts On Canada 150
As Canada 150 winds down, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the issue, particularly after seeing the debates on it.
Submit News to CKA News Rediscovering Patriotism
In 2004, American political scientist Samuel Huntington wrote an essay titled “Dead Souls: The Denationalization Of The American Elite.” In it, Huntington described the trend among many elites to identify more with the cosmopolitan world than with their individual countries. Huntington also described how much the elites’ views were differing from those of the rest of the public who still identified with their countries.
Submit News to CKA News Justin Trudeau: The Good And The Bad
When Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015, Trudeau charmed many Canadians with his social media skills and courting millennial votes. He was seen as representing new, energetic change, shaking up the tired Stephen Harper status quo.
Submit News to CKA News Alberta's Has Complicated Political History
Now that the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose Alliance parties have voted overwhelmingly to merge into what’s being called the United Conservative Party (UCP), it’s worth looking back at the history of Alberta conservatism and how the new UCP might fit into it.
Submit News to CKA News Reflections On Canada Day: What Does It Mean To Be Canadian?
I'm writing this on the morning of Canada Day 2017, Canada's 150th anniversary, thinking about all the fascinating things I've read and the people I've met. One thing that I've come across is how much time and effort we as Canadians spend trying to define exactly what being Canadian means.
Submit News to CKA News A Look Back: Parallels In Canadian And St. Albert History
Canada Day, particularly its 150th anniversary, is an ideal time to consider how Canada has developed, and what the future holds for our country. Curiously enough, it is also an ideal time to consider how St. Albert has developed, and what the future holds for our city.
Submit News to CKA News How Do Political Parties Catch Fire?
One of the most prominent debates in Alberta politics right now is the proposal to merge the Wildrose Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives to form a new party to take on the governing NDP in the next election.
Submit News to CKA News Alberta Political History Doesn't Bode Well For Alberta Liberals, PCs
St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse’s sudden decision to drop out of the Alberta Liberal leadership race was surprising. However, what may not have been so surprising was that he was the only declared candidate for the leadership until he dropped out. Finally, on the deadline of March 31, two last-minute candidates signed up, sparing the Liberals the indignity of a leadership race where no one showed up.

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