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Submit News to CKA News What Is The Right Amount Of Tax?
It’s tax time again in Canada, which makes it a good time to think about politicians’ comments on taxes. Many politicians, especially conservative ones, have talked about tax relief, offering all kinds of tax cuts and rebates for everything from fitness to children’s art programs. Oftentimes, they also guarantee that these tax cuts can be paid for without reducing frontline services or major programs. If anything, they also talk about other kinds of spending, whether taking the fight to ISIS in the Middle East, getting tougher on crime, and upgrading the military’s equipment.
Submit News to CKA News Gigantic Betrayal: The Mike Duffy Trial. Sunny Days. Part Three
Most coverage of the Mike Duffy Affair has been (conscious or unconscious) cover-up. The truth is both alarming ... and threatening.
Submit News to CKA News Different Personas For Different Politicians
With the passing of Rob Ford in March 2016, many people commented on the powerful support he got from many Torontonians, which he dubbed “Ford Nation”. Over the six months since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister, people have also commented on the strong support he continues to get from many Canadians, even with the challenges his government has faced. The support that Ford and Trudeau received makes for a very interesting comparison. Both men have enjoyed devoted support from many voters, but for different reasons.
Submit News to CKA News Hopeful Signs For Pipelines
At first glance, pipelines to get Alberta’s oil to market seem as stalled as ever. Many people across Canada don’t seem to think the advantages of pipelines are worth the environmental risks they’re worried about.
Submit News to CKA News The Many Tongues Of Canada: All Provinces Would Benefit From Language Laws
Language has been controversial in Quebec for decades. Francophone Quebecers have complained about people not using French on signs or in business. Its language law, Bill 101, was implemented in part to require the use of French on signs and in business.
Submit News to CKA News Sunny Days. Sleazy Sell-Out. Part Two
The COMER (Committee On Monetary And Economic Reform) case against against the Canadian government concerning the alleged misuse of The Bank of Canada is dramatic, complex, and globally important.
Submit News to CKA News Sunny Days. Sleazy Sell-Out. PART ONE.
The arrival of a new, fresh-faced federal government has won back democratic hope in Canada. But is deep trouble lurking just beneath the surface of our political life
Submit News to CKA News Renaming Will Not Lead To Reconciliation
Several years ago, the St. Albert Gazette ran a letter from a resident who said that the statue of Father Albert Lacombe erected outside the St. Albert Catholic Parish Church should be taken down. He argued that it represented a colonial past when St. Albert was a “staunch, white Catholic bastion”, and that it was insensitive to the Aboriginal peoples and other minorities who lived and still live in St. Albert. I replied that St. Albert was never a white bastion to begin with, as it was founded by Father Lacombe and 20 Metis Aboriginal families.
Submit News to CKA News The Global Reach, Part Five, Canada. The Colonial Curse
Since 1944 the trajectory of global development has been away from co-operatively interacting'united nations'toward increasingly globalized despotism and war planned and carried out by the U.S.A.
Submit News to CKA News Seeing the U.S.A.
Canada has been pushed and pushed in every way to become a colony of the U.S.A. The fight for survival is now on ....

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