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Submit News to CKA News Rebels And Elites Aren't Always What They Seem

With the demise of Sun News Network last month, Ezra Levant announced that he planned to start a new online news network. The network is called “Rebel Media”, presumably to mark Levant and his colleagues as rebels against a presumably left-wing elite that makes up so much of the “Media Party” Levant talks about.

Submit News to CKA News Who Are The People Of Canada, Anyway? Reflections And Commentaries, Chapter One


Chapter One:

In the first chapter, Citizen X talks about just why he's confused about Canada's future. He recounts hitchhiking to the Gaspé region in Quebec in his youth in the 1960s, and his fascination with la belle province. In thinking about what came afterwards, including the rise of the Parti Quebecois and the separatist movement, he wonders what happened to the visions he had in his youth.

Submit News to CKA News Who Are The People Of Canada, Anyway? Reflections And Commentaries, Introduction

For many years, I have been writing about Canadian politics and history, and studying the commentaries of many different Canadian thinkers and politicians. My motivation for doing this stems from my Canadian nationalism. I grew up during the fierce political conflicts and debates of the late 1980s and early 1990s-the rise of the Reform Party and its statement that "the West wants in", the Aboriginal standoffs at places like Oka and Ipperwash, and the 1995 Quebec referendum. I recall the often bitter invective Canadians threw at each other-the Western Canadian Reformers were greedy, selfish racists; the Natives were violent, criminally-inclined thugs; the Quebecers were spoiled and whiny.

Submit News to CKA News ISLAM, the West, and World Domination (The Canadian Conservative Party Role)

The theory of an intended NATO/U.S. superpower alliance bid for global domination is supported by recent history and by the fake, proposed Clash of Civilizations. The place of the Canadian Conservative government in the "theory" is all too clear.

Submit News to CKA News Canadian Press and Media. The Sad, Sychophantic Sell-Out. Part Two

The press and media of Canada mirror power in the country. They do not provide a critique of unworthy political action. Instead they provide a distribution network and support for those debasing democracy and endangering the rule of law. Like the unsavoury people whose activities they report, the press and media of Canada and their visible employees are - almost without exception - unworthy of the public positions they occupy.

Submit News to CKA News Satirists Are Not Immune To Satire


The tragic murders of many of the artists who produced the satirical French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” have revived debates around free speech and what’s considered acceptable to publish. Some critics have said that cartoons like the ones Charlie Hebdo published on Islam were offensive and merely fed into Islamophobia with crass insults. They support the refusal by certain media to re-publish the cartoons. Others say that the cartoons are an important example of free speech, and that a refusal to publish them is giving in to terrorist threats.

Submit News to CKA News Canadian Press and Media. The Sad, Sycophantic Sell-Out

The tragic failure of the Canadian Press and Media is glaringly obvious in the Bank of Canada case before the Federal Court of Canada, in the Nigel Wright non-case, and in the BC Rail Scandal case in British Columbia.

Submit News to CKA News A Legal Victory, But Will It Be A Socio-Economic One?

    Rocco Galati, a constitutional lawyer, has won perhaps the greatest legal victory for Canada! On behalf of COMER, The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform, Mr. Galati has forced upon Mr. Harper and the Bank Of Canada a conversation that must be had! But will our banker-corporate government engage in it?

Submit News to CKA News Balancing Different Perspectives And Its Importance For Democracy


I’m currently reading Brent Rathgeber’s excellent book Irresponsible Government: the Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada, which describes the methods that Canadian prime ministers have used to consolidate power in the Prime Minister’s Office, and force their Members of Parliament to follow all of their directions. MPs are now expected to only obey the prime minister, instead of keeping him and his Cabinet accountable the way Canada’s system of responsible government has traditionally required.

Submit News to CKA News One Canadian's Reflection On Sir John A. Macdonald's Legacy


January 11, 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's birthday. Given that we haven't really commemorated it yet on this forum, I thought that this would be a worthwhile occasion to reflect on Macdonald's legacy, the good and the bad, and how it has impacted us all as Canadians. As historian Will Ferguson has pointed out, without Macdonald there would be no Canada to begin with at all. His influence on Canada, for both the good and the bad, cannot be understated-Richard Gwyn aptly describes him as "the man that made us".