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Submit News to CKA News Accusations And Perceptions Of Elitism: The Danger To Progressive Goals - See mo

In August, Prime Minister Stephen Harper attacked the “liberal media and academic elites” who supposedly supported Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberals. He took pains to portray himself as standing up for the little guy against these supposed elites, who are supposedly out to get him.

Submit News to CKA News Charity Audits Raise Serious Concerns

Despite the federal Auditor General’s concerns about its efforts to track and deter “aggressive” tax planning that can become tax evasion, and the major staffing cuts that critics say will hamper its ability to serve Canadians, the Canada Revenue Agency is aggressively auditing various charitable organizations to see if they’re using too much of their money for political activities. This comes after charities such as Tides Canada, that have criticized the Harper government’s plans to build oil pipelines such as Northern Gateway, have been attacked by the government as receiving money from foreigners for their activities.

Submit News to CKA News Northern Gateway Shows New Approach Needed

Last month, the Northern Gateway pipeline was approved by the Harper government. In response, many First Nations people swore they would never support the pipeline being built through their lands. Many people accused the Aboriginals of being greedy and lazy, opposing the pipeline simply to wring more money out of Enbridge. However, as with so much else in Canada, things are more complicated than they first seem.


Submit News to CKA News Reflections on Canada Day: The Impact Of Canadian History



I’m writing this on the morning of Canada Day 2014, thinking about all the fascinating things I’ve read about and seen, and all the people I’ve met. One thing I’ve come across is all the different parts of Canadian history I’ve studied, and how they’ve tied into many of the recent issues we’ve faced in Canada.

Submit News to CKA News Devolution. Evolution. Revolution. The Future Is Now.

The Social Pendulum has been swinging away from equality for at least 50 years.  The choices to reverse direction are few, dangerous, and increasingly insistent.

Submit News to CKA News What Is The Significance Of The “Eurosceptics”?

Canadian media fails again.  A look behind the European Union Haters reveals a European Union that deserves, increasingly, to be hated.

Submit News to CKA News The Wildrose Alliance: An Example Of Alberta Centrism

In 2012, it seemed as though Alberta’s long-running Progressive Conservative dynasty was finished. The Wildrose Alliance party, led by Danielle Smith, was set to form government.

Hence it was all the more shocking that the Wildrose lost the election.

Submit News to CKA News The Crumbling of the Mainstream Press and Media in Canada. PLart Three.

"The National" said it all on April 24, 2014.  Public Broadcasting is betraying the Canadian people.

Submit News to CKA News Surpluses, Taxes And Services: A Look At The Conservative Fiscal Record

The recent news that <a href="">Canada posted a $5 billion surplus in February</a> has been taken by some as an indication that we're well on our way to getting the budget balanced, and that Canada's finances will now be secure.

Not everyone shares this feeling, however.


Submit News to CKA News The Death of Democracy. The Death of James Michael Flaherty,

Canadian politicians are failing Canada and Canadians in their wholesale praise and adoration of a man who devoted his time in our national parliament to the betrayal of Canadians by active participation in the destruction of freedom, justice, and democracy in Canada.