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Sgt Darrin Clenighan from Windsor, Ont., with the Force Protection Company (FP Coy), of Task Force Kabul (TFK),
by Canadaka on Feb 17, 2006

cool picture, would love to see more pics added our our Canadian soldiers

by Lanie on Jan 9, 2007

Hi Ghostdog, I love this photo and would like to use it on my website,of course credited to you. If you are interested, let me know. Regards, Lanie

Yes, Canaka...wish there were tons more pics of our military.

by GhostDog3 on Apr 21, 2009

I just noticed the post :/ two years later sure go ahead but credit it to the soldiers or ctv/cbc/radio Canada which ever I took it from.

by leadershipco on May 21, 2009

Hey You can gladely use this picture. I am Darrin Clenighan. One of my soldiers took the picture while we are in our LAV. Feel Free

Cheers Darrin

by Mowich on May 22, 2009

Thank you so much for the photo, Ghostdog. I support our troops 110% and very proud of all of you. Stay safe and keep up the good work you all are doing over there. Mowich

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