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by Hester on Jan 16, 2006

The is the Maritime Command flag - better known as the Canadian Naval Jack. It is flown on the jack staff or bow (the pointy end) of HMC Ships and vessels: at anchor, moored or alongside from colours until sunset; when underway and dressed with masthead flags; both day and night when underway and when wearing, or when escorting another warship or merchant vessel wearing: the Queen’s Personal Canadian Flag or a Royal Standard, a foreign Royal or Imperial Standard, the flag of a head of state, or the personal flag of the Governor-General of Canada; and at all ship launchings.

by Wullu on Jan 16, 2006

Finally a good copy of the Jack, I looked a few days back to no avail. Cheers.

by Hester on Jan 16, 2006

Ask your NavComm's for a copy of the Manual of Ceremony. You can find it on the DWAN here:

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