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by -Mario- on Feb 2, 2006

a dam shame that the government puts their paws where they don't belong.

by seaforth83 on Apr 10, 2006

shame the airborne did too...

by -Mario- on Apr 10, 2006

Not the Airborne regiment.... just a few bad apples.... T

by seaforth83 on Apr 10, 2006

I mean really, didn't the guys at Abu Gahrab(spelling?) learn anything from these 'bad apples'? DONT TAKE PICTURES

by Heavy_Metal on Sep 16, 2006

corect me if i am wrong but i heard that the guy they killed threw shit (literally) at a female soldier.

by kiltman on Jun 4, 2011

It's not the Airbourne's fault in any way, Canada should not have sent what amounts to Canada's version of pit bulls in to do a peace keeping role, they are not trained nor are they suited in anyway to do that job. They are killers plain and simple. I was in a recce unit attached to them in the late 80's I should know just how rabid and good to go these guys were.

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