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Added: May 19 2006
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Downtown Yellowknife
by Zoraja on May 20, 2006

I dont get it wheres the snow???

by Draken on May 20, 2006

belle petite ville, ca l'air bien comme place, mais y'en faudrait une prise en hivers juste à côté :P
Cute little town, look's great. But it would be better with a picture of it in winter, just beside.

by Canadian_Mind on May 20, 2006

we wouldn't see the town. ;)

by bossdog on May 20, 2006

I've been there about a dozen times in the winter - trust me, it ain't pretty! This is a great pic Streaker!

by Streaker on May 20, 2006

Thanks bossdog but I can't take any credit for the pic - just something I scrounged off wikipedia.... :)

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