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View of Chicoutimi from a bicycle path.
by RUEZ on Jun 5, 2006

Man what a cool little house.

by Blue_Nose on Jun 5, 2006

I hope they keep that door locked! It's a new building but the foundation is old.... is it some sort of tourist bureau?

by Streaker on Jun 5, 2006

Isn't that the house that survived the flood a few years ago?

by Draken on Jun 7, 2006

Yep, this is that specific house. will find on this site a picture of the area and the house during the flood.

by Draken on Jun 7, 2006

In don't know if there is something inside the house. It was close when I passed by.

by Streaker on Jun 7, 2006

Yeah, I was pretty sure that was the house. Amazing that it wasn't swept away by the flood.

by Draken on Jun 8, 2006

This one was particulary well anchor into the rock. I have an another picture where we can see the foundation of two other houses which stand beside it before the flood in the forefront and the little white house in the background.

by Arctic_Menace on Jun 8, 2006

Chicoutimi is nice. Kinda cold in the summer, but still nice....

by Draken on Jun 8, 2006

Personnaly I would like it to be even cooler and your'e rigth, it is quite a nice place.

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