Canadian Carrier Battle Group

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Added: Jul 14 2006
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Our very own carrier battle group, including the HMCS Bonaventure. This picture dates from sometime in the 1960s.
by canadiansailor on Oct 30, 2006

The good old days, back when we relied on skill of our sailors instead of trying to replace them with technology!

by -Mario- on Oct 31, 2006

wicked picture... first time I see this one. The only plane missing are Banshees.

by Northerner72 on Jan 13, 2007

Hard to believe Canada used to be a powerful military, Navy and Airforce.

by Richard on Feb 9, 2009

I am working with a fella that sailed on the Bonny. He is still pissed they spent big money to upgrade her and then sold her for scrap.

by Richard on Feb 10, 2009

This just in. He was the cook for the officers and I might be able to get some photo's scanned.

by SaulT on Feb 11, 2009

i wished we still had a carrier battle group :(

by 1972MACH1 on Apr 2, 2011

I was born in Halifax as my father sail on the bonnie. Lived at CFB Shearwater on Swordfish drive. Those where the days when we had a military to be proud of for sure. Not like now when the argue over buying 12 search and rescue helicopters for a country this large it is a shame.

by PENATRATOR on Apr 6, 2011

So 1972mach1 you are saying we no longer have a military to be proud of? Way to piss on the guys on the frontlines while you type from the safety of your living room.

by GreenTiger on May 12, 2011

Yes you had a navy that you actually called a navy.

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