Calgary Flames

From: oilfan
Added: Aug 25 2006
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by twister on Aug 26, 2006

that has to be quite possibly the worst photo shop of a face in history... funny idea but horrible....

by RUEZ on Aug 26, 2006

Not even really that funny, it's been done to death.

by Stellar on Aug 28, 2006

Oh c'mon, Kipper works his ass off and people treat him like this?

by WDHIII on Aug 28, 2006

*yawn* Like Ruez says - done to death.

Last time i cheer for THE OIL - even when they DO make it back to the finals in 2019.... ;-)

by vanmax on Nov 3, 2011


by vanmax on Nov 3, 2011


by dressup on Dec 8, 2011

i haven't seen it yet.

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