Coast Guard Kingston Marina

From: Subsandwich
Added: Oct 18 2006
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by Subsandwich on Oct 22, 2006

This is located at Lake Ontario Marina, Kingston, Ontario, Canada... Kingston is Canada's First Capital. Check out Virtual Kingston if you need more details...

by bossdog on Oct 27, 2006

Well, at least it's not a cartoon. Good Pic.

by Subsandwich on Oct 27, 2006

Yippers! I have a lot of cartoons and a lot of art such as portraits, Kingston art, watercolours, wood relief carvings. Right now, I'm doing some wood reliefs of some Canadian Military.
Cartoons are cool. I would love to make it as a Canadian Political Cartoon artist.
What do you do Boos Dog....
I'm getting ready to go to work...

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