more northern lights

From: nanza
Added: Nov 12 2006
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gorgeous EH....???
by ziggy on Nov 12, 2006


by RUEZ on Nov 12, 2006


by dimoreien on Nov 13, 2006

I was very proud when I brought Steve to Canada, and the first night in Alberta, when we were driving up to Fort McMurray, the sky just broke loose with the Northern Lights. Steve was awestruck, having never seen them before. They get them in the north of Scotland, but down here in the Central belt, there's too much light pollution :s

by jazzman on Nov 13, 2006

WOW. That's the best northern lights i've seen yet.

by Snorkmaiden on Nov 13, 2006

Wow that's beautiful!!!!

by juggernaut on Mar 26, 2007

Thats awesome!!

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