When hell freezes over...

From: Snorkmaiden
Added: Dec 02 2006
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by Snorkmaiden on Dec 3, 2006

Yikes, hell has frozen over!!! Now what?

by Ice_man on Dec 3, 2006

the leafs win the cup....

by Mr_Canada on Dec 3, 2006

Somehow I predicted that someone would say that, Ice man, ;) Go Leafs Go.

by Headchease on Dec 5, 2006

As if Hell frezing over would help.

by twister on Dec 5, 2006

still waiting for pigs to sprout wings and fly up Mat Sundin's ass....

by WDHIII on Dec 5, 2006

Well Edmonton DID get a win last night.... ;-)

by proudcanukchick on Dec 6, 2006

I believe that sign is posted just outside of Calgary....
right behind the "Flames shooting for the 2007 Playoffs!" sign. ;=)

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