Moraine Lake and Wenkchemna Mountains

From: Snorkmaiden
Added: Jan 30 2007
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Moraine Lake and Wenkchemna Mountains , mid-morning. Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, Alberta,
by Assassinfightwear on Feb 8, 2007

Wow Great photo. Amazingly vivid colours

by Martin99 on Mar 26, 2007

Canīt find words...oh man thatīs awesome!
And the best, all the colours are real.. heaven is a place on earth.. (sorry Belinda) ;-)

by nanza on Sep 27, 2009


by Heavy_Metal on Nov 6, 2009

heh this is one of the desktop pics for windows 7

by Khar on Jan 10, 2011

These shots of Moraine Lake have to be one of the most common I've seen, and that's not a surprise -- it's a beautiful picture.

I've eaten at the restaurant there a few times. Absolutely magnificent. I have a picture of the same spot, only a few feet to the right.

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