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Added: Jun 28 2007
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by kitty on Jun 29, 2007

that's my city

by lily on Jun 29, 2007

where's the view?

by Streaker on Jul 2, 2007

That isn't a view?!?

by lily on Jul 2, 2007

no, it's just a bunch of buildings in front of nothing. Where's the backdrop?

by Blue_Nose on Jul 2, 2007

can't please them all, Streaker... where was it taken?

by Streaker on Jul 3, 2007

Nope, can't please 'em all! lol

Didn't take the pic but it looks like it's somewhere above Toronto Island.

by Blue_Nose on Jul 3, 2007

That'd put it right over the Toronto City Centre Airport, so that's a good guess.

by Mr_Canada on Jul 4, 2007

That's... Beautiful....

by G-prime on Jul 24, 2007

I'm proud to say I live there :)

by WDHIII on Aug 21, 2007

Beautiful view!

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