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Added: Nov 26 2007
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This is PENATRATOR at the Afghan - Pakistani border. I posted this picture for him because he has a very limited access to the internet. He is seen here with some Pakistani soldiers.
by -Mario- on Dec 3, 2007

Three vote and a perfect score... did you asked your boyfriends to vote LMAO

by PENATRATOR on Dec 4, 2007

I forgot to tell you Mario, the three dudes behind me told me they are heavy into gay porn, I had just showed them your CKA gallery Mess dinner pic on their office computer, and told them you are on an upcoming ROTO, this explains the smiles and looks of anticipation on their faces.

by Regina on Dec 4, 2007

Awesome PEN !!

by -Mario- on Dec 5, 2007

LOL... What is the Problem PEN??? Are they feed up with your bony ass LOL Where is Chopper when you need him.
Any way... I'll pass.

by Robair on Dec 5, 2007

Cool photo !

by Canadaka on Dec 6, 2007

HOOEH! Lookin rad.

by Chopper on Feb 24, 2009

This is a cool pic Pen. All bullshit aside Brother.

by Heavy_Metal on Feb 24, 2009


by TattoodGirl on Apr 5, 2009

Great pic dude!!

by SprCForr on Apr 20, 2009

Careful with that thing! It ain't like the girlie guns your used too!


by SprCForr on Apr 26, 2009

Site is down again.

Maybe this will be the new "Mario" picture?

by SprCForr on May 6, 2009

General Error!

All salute!

by kitty on Jun 14, 2009

Interesting... in my mind Pen looked more like David Banner

by PENATRATOR on Jun 16, 2009

"Dont' make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

by Robair on Jun 19, 2009

Nah, Edward Norton.

by ShepherdsDog on Jun 17, 2009

So how much did you get for those fake Canadian visas?

by PENATRATOR on Apr 15, 2010

Just bumped unto the guy in the middle rear at a Beckers on Bank St Ottawa! lol

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