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by AMERICAN!!@! on Feb 5, 2004

i hate you bastard frenchy sluts to the north!

by MapleLeafMama on Feb 23, 2004

needs more trailer parks, pregnant teens and of course more guns

by MapleLeafMama on Feb 23, 2004

that's america

by MapleLeafMama on Feb 23, 2004

by MapleLeafMama on Feb 23, 2004

brilliant pic

by anti-canada on Mar 30, 2004

canadians really need to lay off the cheap beer

by anti-canada on Mar 30, 2004

canadians really need to lay off the cheap beer

by Finland (= on May 11, 2004

Hahahahaaaa That's True. The Americns world scene.

by jumpbag on Dec 20, 2002

Not totally accurate, Average American thoughts maybe

by jeeprz on Feb 1, 2005

You spelled Queen with an "R" so it says "Queer." You really should just kill yourself and save us the trouble.

by Ice_man on Feb 1, 2005

just plain stupid, that's all I have to say about that.

by IamCanadian on Jul 23, 2002

Right on, eh?

by anon on Sep 2, 2002

how is this patriotic? anti-american = patriotism?

by Darkeh on May 7, 2006

Oh god, That's awesome.

by jazzman on May 8, 2006

That's a good one man.

by willie on Jun 12, 2006

It should read "land of the free and home of the paranoid".

by Durandal on Dec 8, 2007

Funny I found the same on


by Ex-Expat on Dec 9, 2007

Land of the free*
and home of the brave**

* Some restrictions apply.
** Like our brave draft-dodging President, George "Runner" Bush

Btw, while this is hilarious, and frighteningly accurate, I too fail to see how this is Canada patriotic.

Also, since it is portrayed to be from an American point of view, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use American spelling. ;)

by twister on Dec 12, 2007

lol.. Here be dragons....LOL

by DMR on Sep 25, 2002

Hah, may not be true, but it's good for a laugh

by me on Oct 5, 2002


by galatea on Oct 29, 2002

I saw this and laughed harder than i have in a long time. Brilliant!

by Mick on Nov 13, 2003

HAHAHAHAHA, this thing is sooo great, AHHAHA, stupid americans

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