Queen Mum and I

From: RoyalHighlander
Added: Aug 29 2002
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Trooping the Colors for The Queen Mum
by anti-canada on Mar 30, 2004

the tall fellow 3rd from the right looks worse than my ass

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

perhaps you should go back to your trailer w/your knocked up teen wife

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

read a book - without pictures, find your missing teeth and get a life

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

Isn't he sad, pure american, hates everything and shares his hate

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

did the kkk or nra meeting let out early? or are you just this low.

by EVE_DOG on Sep 18, 2004

hahahahaha hehehehe go maple leaf mama

by CanadianRod on May 30, 2005

BLACK WATCH = CAMP ALDERSHOT, Kentville, Nova - Scotia. Great bunch of guys.

by Robert on Sep 1, 2002

The Black Watch. one of Canada's finest regiments

by RoyalHighlander on Sep 1, 2002

Im the tall fellow 3rd from the right

by XBRookes6 on Sep 9, 2002

Canadian Military Kicks Ass!!!

by mj on Sep 10, 2002

She's was a grand sweet lady RH you look good in that uniform.

by Regina on Sep 10, 2002

Great picture from a great site!

by RoyalHighlander on Sep 11, 2002


by TomHynes on Sep 12, 2002

Great Pic!

by Flats on Sep 14, 2002

Nicely done! Now, about that agreement we have...

by RoyalHighlander on Sep 16, 2002

OK where do I send the money to then,,LOL

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