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by I dont know on Feb 2, 2004

Its not a glorious part of our history. Do not venerate that

by on Feb 2, 2004

we stop the project becose we s*ck and fear US

by Ryan on Mar 15, 2004

US Bought it out, US Scrapped it, US neomercantilism, no one can be

by on Mar 15, 2004

better, of course...

by Thomas on Mar 30, 2004

Diefenbaker is a cocksucker

by aziz on Apr 3, 2004

by Warrior on Jun 13, 2004

Canadians are aware and do not fear, NASA boomed overnight after this

by Clunk on Jan 25, 2003


by Woodland-Realm on Feb 23, 2006

Its about time Canada makes a friggin' plane as decent as the Arrow. Britain has the harriers with vertical propulsion, USA buys the harriers and improve on them, now we need to create a plane better than the harrier and the Brits and Yanks won't know what hit 'em.
I can see it in the newspapers, "Canada makes Aviation History". I'm sure Bombardier could do it.

by -Mario- on Feb 23, 2006

Little to be know, 207, 208, 209 were, also, almost completed. Its anybodies guess which one flew out that night.

by dgthe3 on Feb 26, 2006

there isn't much of a market for a new manned fighter amongst our allies. A new, and possibly the last, generation of fighter planes are just comming online now. If Canada wants in on the market, we need to design an unmanned fighter . . .

by on May 15, 2003

Could have kept at least one.

by Arctic_Fox on May 15, 2003

Gotta hate those P.C.'s - gotta love those planes!

by canadaka on May 15, 2003

makes me wanna cry

by Arrohead on Jun 9, 2003

Maybe theres still 1 left........ #206

by blue on Jul 29, 2003

unfortunately in regards to arroheads comment, 206 was chopped,

by blue on Jul 29, 2003

her cockpit is in ottawas aviation museam jetlinrs cockpit too

by Canuck_105 on Jul 30, 2003

no record of 207getting chopped

by dumbcanucks on Aug 8, 2003

Our past and current government planning..Only in Canada you say..pity

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