From: Canadaka
Added: Sep 11 2002
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by -Mario- on Sep 28, 2004

I like that.... Can we have a Wallpaper size available,

by JonnyW on Apr 23, 2005

The Avro arrow is why iam going into the aviation industry some how

by Avro on Apr 23, 2005

Wonderful pic!!!!

by Canadaka on Apr 23, 2005

i'm not sure where I found this pic, or where to find a high res version :(

by Bradyperry6698 on Feb 13, 2003

shmuck you are a shmuck who cares it the most kick ass plane ever

by Cool Guy on Sep 12, 2002

Avro Arrow RULES!!

by Shmuck on Sep 12, 2002

where did u get these pics?

by jeepyj on Apr 4, 2003

Canada is a leeding nation. This is our plane. Everyone of ours.

by dumbcanucks on Aug 8, 2003

great mounties and P.C.'s have a whole lot stored away

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