Our Troops

From: RoyalHighlander
Added: Sep 18 2002
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Our Troops
by Evan on Feb 24, 2004

Grow balls and serve. That my friends is exactly my thoughts.

by on Mar 21, 2004

what is this, a tank? lmao the great country, EH?

by Ryan on Apr 23, 2004

Is it me, or is the flag at half mast?

by Ryan on Apr 23, 2004

i mock our military all the time, but i still love my country, and

by Ryan on Apr 23, 2004

i plan to join the military as a medic, lifelong dream!

by seal clubber on Jul 4, 2004

i remeber that day,the stink from the shitter behind me was rancid.it was dam hot.i think this was our 6 parade of that week.

by Clunk on Jan 24, 2003

Nice pic.they a great job,with what they have.

by RoyalHighlander on Sep 20, 2002

Acording to my map Sgt the closest Tim Hortons is 5000km that way

by Karika on May 18, 2003

If this is a proCanada website, why are you mockin our military?

by on May 18, 2003

maybe you should grow some balls and serve, THEN make jokes

by CCC on Aug 7, 2003

great pic

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