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by CPL Dale on Mar 9, 2004

Doesn't show the Badger in the engineering group

by Nate_7 on Mar 21, 2005

Technically, Dragoon73 is right. Only thing Canada has here is ADATS, LAV, and M113, that's it

by PENATRATOR on Mar 22, 2005

The INFANTRY has no tank Batallions, dumbass, try the armoured corps. They are called regiments

by Nate_7 on Apr 9, 2005

Isin't there 5 tanks in each troop, not 4...?

by Dragoon73 on Jan 21, 2003

Nice poster.........too bad canada only has one of thse types of vehic

by canada on May 25, 2003

Dragoon73 is a fuckin moron

by sealynx on Jul 27, 2003

Leopard II MBT and Gepard AAT from Germany.

by SargentBuddha on Sep 28, 2003

Canada has 4 fully operatinal tank BATALIONS their infantry.

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