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by canuckfan on Jan 30, 2004

Nickelback kicks ass!!!!!

by jerry on Mar 1, 2004

the image is old.....tough guy....Huh.......:(

by tim bob on Mar 1, 2004

Get A hair.cut.........!!!!!!!!

by joeman on Jun 20, 2005

I think Nickelback is a great band

by exroofer on Jun 21, 2005

Good Alberta boys playing excellent tunes with feeling. Thumbs up!

by nbgal on Feb 27, 2003

Come back to the uk lads, we love you here!!!

by fashiongal on Oct 1, 2009

sad that Nickle back has become the face of Canadian Music

by 2Cdo on Nov 27, 2009

Over-played and under-talented. I'd rather listen to the paint dry.

by guave on Dec 13, 2003

You can keep them!

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