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Added: Mar 12 2003
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CanadaKA Pool PArty
by Knowledge on May 19, 2004

Are you sure this is canada?

by canada on Jun 13, 2004

no this is not in canada i saw it on another site and its a ghetto in

by canada on Jun 13, 2004

the US

by EVE_DOG on Aug 28, 2004

dame right it's the ghetto, look at the pool, it's above ground and can be moved easily

by EVE_DOG on Aug 28, 2004

snatch an grab, run like hell

by RoyalHighlander on Mar 12, 2003

!st Annual Canada Day CKA Pool/Hot Tub PArty

by jeeps_74 on Apr 20, 2003

out board...no in board......i think

by wat on Aug 18, 2003

you know your ghetto when...

by CaNaDa on Dec 15, 2003

aren't bots sopposed to be IN watter? not the other way around???

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