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Blair and Bush
by canuckfan on Jan 29, 2004


by you heard me on Jan 31, 2004

do we look like the 2 stupidest people in the world?

by Elliott on Mar 11, 2004

This is so true. If anyone is in the US, please dont vote for Bush.

by on Mar 13, 2004


by bc_bud on Mar 18, 2004

the guy above me said EXACTLY what all canadians, including me, think

by Richard on Mar 20, 2004

Isn't that the truth !!

by xpalidohshish on May 8, 2004

truth is stranger than fiction

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

best picture. bush is hitler. americans suck ----well him!

by Ralph on Aug 14, 2004


by dyguy on Jun 13, 2005

in answer to you heard me: yes

by Clunk on Apr 6, 2003

Great joke lol

by Annie on Jun 3, 2003

That pretty much sums it up

by Nina on Jun 18, 2003

awesome one

by on Aug 18, 2003

classic usa backfire. People fighting russia arent your friends

by on Sep 29, 2003


by on Nov 4, 2003


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