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Team Canada on a day off
by Q. Kelly on Feb 10, 2004

Is there anything that Canada doesn't win? The answer is no.

by zyzzyxx on Feb 11, 2004


by CDA 1 on Feb 11, 2004

God, The 98' Jersey was so Beautiful, why'd they ever change?

by anti-canada on Mar 30, 2004

no REAL sports are played by canada where u dont freeze ur ass off

by Stosky on Apr 7, 2004

Man, the anti-canada guy is a huge weiner, anyone understand that?

by a guy on Apr 10, 2004

hey anti-canada guy this is a pro-canada site, fuck off

by CDN Hockey on Apr 12, 2004

Anti must be American: just their way, they hate and bomb everybody

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

pay no attention to him, he's american, not worth it.

by MapleLeafMama on May 11, 2004

every post he writes just shows the type of people they are.

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