From: LeopardGunner
Added: Aug 11 2004
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My Baby
by -Mario- on Aug 13, 2004

Expensive toy.... Maybe you should do something about that green camo... on sand and dead grass.

by LeopardGunner on Aug 13, 2004

Its a 47 ton tank moving 50 km/h. Changing the cam is not going to help.

by -Mario- on Aug 13, 2004

LOL. I'd like to it for a spin. Must be something to have a 12cyl diesel under the hood.

by tanker73 on Aug 26, 2004

nice job on the cam net....slacker!!

by ShepherdsDog on Jun 22, 2005

Hunting White Tail in comfort.

by mandie on Dec 21, 2013

Hi nice picture

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