Tom's Room #1

From: canada5usa2
Added: Nov 14 2004
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This is my room, good God Canadian Hockey's great
by DMP08 on Nov 14, 2004

Can I steal your room? Mine is like that, except replace all the jersey's with Canada flags or maple leaves.

by canada5usa2 on Nov 15, 2004

I'm sorry, I really can't give up my room, too hard to move

by DMP08 on Nov 15, 2004

By the looks of it, that is if they are all authentic high quality jerseys, you got over $700 in Team Canada jerseys. I know the authentic ones are about $115...but if they are basic practice jerseys, they are about $45 a piece. Either way, NICE!

by canada5usa2 on Nov 16, 2004

Answer: Good eye, the are all Authentic Jerseys, 2 of which are Game Worn and fought for Canada on International Ice

by Pucks on Nov 17, 2004

If they all are actually 'Authentic' jersey's, then they run around $300 apeice, making your collection close to $2000! I think what you have are replica's. That's what I have, and they run around $150 with name and number. The game worn ones will no doubt be priceless. Still a nice collection tho!

by canada5usa2 on Nov 17, 2004

Sorry, just to clarify, the 4 above the bed are authentic's, the others lying around are replicas. The White one (Daze 24) and Bredin 12 are the game worn, the Watson 74 and Comrie 89(with IIHF Patch), are authentic jerseys, complete with dazzle shoulders, re-enforced elbows, fight strap and also if the 98' style had a thick pro twill Nike Swoosh behind the neck, you knew it was Authentic. The 98' replics didn't have the Nike logo behind the neck at all.

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