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grave marker of the crew...
by PENATRATOR on Jul 5, 2005

Rest in Peace

by twister on Sep 7, 2006

that was my uncles crew... WO Nick Holyk 1943 Genoa Italy
RAF.. SOE 142

by twister on Sep 8, 2006

Holyk and Hillman were both Canadians RCAF,
Pinder, Summer , Findlayson were RAF
Bozeglav RIAF

June 24 1944
The secret report on the fatal mission shows that the Halifax II aircraft JP237 took off at 20.11 hrs (i.e. 8.11pm) on "Operation Sound 1". Instead of a landing time, a note states "Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it is presumed lost."

"13 aircraft were scheduled for ops but 3 had to be cancelled owing to technical trouble. Of the remaining 10, 6 were successful and one (F.O. Hillman) is missing. His target was a new one in N. Italy and nothing was heard from him after take off

by twister on Sep 8, 2006

Donald Ernest Hillman F/L(P) J17893.
From Elrose, Saskatchewan. Killed in Action Jun. 24/44 age 26. #148 Squadron (Trusty). BROTHER to James Gordon Hillman. Halifax aircraft # JP237 missing during a secret night operation twenty three miles north-east of Genoa. Flight Lieutenant Pilot Hillman is buried in the Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy.
Crewmates: P/O N. Holyk, Sgt.s E.G. Chapman (RAF), D. Finlayson (RAF), A. Pinder (RAF), J.M. Sumner (RAF), F/S J.R. Robertson

by Squirrell on Oct 18, 2013

My grandfather was sgt DIxon FInlayson on the same flight and on the gravestone

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